What exactly IS five-element acupuncture?

Five-element acupuncture originated in ancient China more than two thousand years ago and continues to thrive today. In the 1960s, this unique system of medicine was brought to Europe by pioneers including the late Professor J.R. Worsley and Jacques Lavier.   At the very core of five-element acupuncture is the fundamental belief that many ofContinue reading “What exactly IS five-element acupuncture?”

The importance of the Law of Cure

There are 5 laws that we observe in five-element acupuncture and the law of cure teaches us how a patient should respond once they are in treatment and their deficient or weakest element, known as their causative factor, comes back into balance. Our first interaction with a patient includes a thorough medical history of anyContinue reading “The importance of the Law of Cure”